Green-Black-LettermanIf your thinking about getting a custom letterman / varsity jacket online here are some tips to know what to look for so you are getting practically the same thing as if you were buying from a local jacket store.  The nice thing about buying your jacket online is that usually you can save anywhere from a hundred to two hundred dollars or more and get practically the same thing.  I have sold hundreds of letterman jackets locally that are RipOn Brand (One of the most prestigious brands for high school letterman jackets – and most expensive) and sold many online as well.  It might seem overwhelming to buy your letterman jacket online at first, but it’s actually pretty easy and 15 minutes could save you – well not 15% on car insurance but literally hundreds of dollars.

First of all make sure you are getting the right materials, make sure you are getting real leather sleeves; in my opinion synthetic leather looks cheap and usually doesn’t cost much more.  If you are a girl and getting an all wool jacket make sure the wool is good quality and real.   Next make sure you like the collar type.  Most collar types offered on online customized high school jackets are the most popular ones but keep in mind there are different styles.  See the next article for tips on getting your custom patches easily and very affordable.