The ultimate goal of a Letterman jacket is to celebrate the contribution of a particular student to a particular activity that can be related to music, sports, academics, among others. This is the kind of jacket that you need to earn. After all, and when you achieve success, you’ll be awarded letters and the Letterman jacket. This ultimately contributes to the sense of accomplishment and pride of students that can serve to motivate them to keep doing better.

Usually, the Letterman jacket is often presented by the college or high school as well as the letter for the specific meritorious achievement. The location of the embroidery and patches tends to be decided by the college or high school. Nevertheless, many students actually change their placement.

In terms of the design, most Letterman jackets tend to have two to four colors. However, it is possible to find some of this jackets with just one color. They are usually made of wool but it can also be made of cotton to ensure that it can be worn during the entire year. Letterman jackets tend to feature the college or school name, the name of the student, the letters or symbols of the activity where the student succeeded, the initials and the logo of the college or school, the year of graduation, the college or school’s mascot, and the team name and number.

While some schools and colleges provide their jackets to the meritorious students, the truth is that this number is decreasing. Instead, schools and colleges allow their students to buy their own Letterman jackets on a local sports store or directly from the athletic department of the school. One of the main advantages of going to a local store is that you’ll be able to choose the colors, see the quality of the fabric, and make sure that the jacket perfectly fits you. In addition, more and more students like to follow fashion trends. So, it’s important for them to be able to display the varsity letter where they like as so they can feel comfortable during high school graduation.

When you are looking to customize your own letterman jacket, you want to make sure that you see other designs first. They may give you a clue about what you like and prefer before ordering it. One of the things that you should also remember is that the school or college number and size of the letters are usually fixed.

In case you want to make your varsity letter stand out, you can choose a different font size and even a different font type. In addition, you can also make some changes on the design, color, and border.  Most students like to take their own Letterman jacket to high school graduation parties and batch reunions. So, to ensure that it stays in the best conditions for a very long time, make sure that you store it in a dry place.

Overall, Letterman jackets are a pride to whoever is wearing them. After all, they represent the effort and the success this student achieved and that should be recognized.