The most popular style of girls varsity jackets right now is usually hooded (see Popular Custom Letterman Jackets Styles Part 1 for example photos.)  The older style which is still popular at some schools is the sailor collar.  Here is an example of one of our sailor collar style jackets. (This jacket was a store model and has been used, when you order a new jacket from us it will be brand new never used.)

Here is an example of the same girls jacket in 2 styles, one with a whiting color and one with a sailor collar.  These are not as popular anymore however some schools still use these more traditional jacket styles.   (These jacket were store models and has been used.)

Another style is the fold over collar, or byron collar style.  Here is an example of one.  (This jacket was a store model and has been used.)

 Both 100% wool and wool leather sleeves options seem to be equally popular as well. In conclusion, you want to choose a jacket style that you like.  The most popular girls jackets we have found for the 2017-2018 season are the hooded collar and knit stand up styles but the bottom line is to choose one that is you like-that's why they call it a custom varsity jacket.

Here we have been looking at womens/girls  jacket styles, check out the next post for more info and photos on popular guys varsity letterman jacket styles.